Thursday, June 2, 2016

Clockwork Prince Review


Before I get into this review I'd like to explain that I did not like this trilogy from the start but this second book made me fall in love with it! I tried to read The Infernal Devices three times before I finally forced myself to get through Clockwork Angel once and for all. It ended up being not too bad but it was still really slow. This book though! This book made me like The Infernal Devices even more than  The Mortal Instruments and I devoured those when I first read the original trilogy.

My one warning is that there is a love triangle in this book but what makes this okay is that it is loosely based off of A Tale of Two Cities so it kind of has to have a love triangle. This particular love triangle is so wonderfully angsty and you have a hard time deciding what guy you are rooting for. Jem or Will? Jem or Will? They're both equally wonderful. The scenes between Tessa and either boy (but especially Will) were delightfully steamy and intense. Much more so than any romantic scenes written in The Mortal Instruments (which is a bit surprising considering the eras both series are set in). The backstory that was revealed about Will is what really kept me hooked. It made his character much more understandable and three dimensional. The battle scenes in The Infernal Devices are also ten times more well written than those in The Mortal Instruments.

The Final Verdict?
I would give Clockwork Prince a 5 out of 5 stars. This was the best story I've read since Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus which is my favorite standalone novel of all time. That's how good this book was. I used to feel like I was struggling to get through an Infernal Devices book so I could read another Mortal Instruments book and now that I'm reading City of Lost Souls  I feel the exact opposite. I cannot wait to get to Clockwork Princess and get my next Will Herondale fix.

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