Saturday, June 4, 2016

Orphan Black "The Redesign of Natural Objects" Review


This week's episode of Orphan Black was as intense as always. This is just such a wonderful season so far. "The Redesign of Natural Objects" was an especially great episode for Alison. Because Alison isn't pregnant, isn't sick, and isn't Sarah we don't get to see as much character development from her as of late, however, that changed a bit this week. We saw her struggle with her love for Donnie and her sisters, her alcoholism, and her faith. All the struggle. I was feeling some big time second hand panic for Ali not gonna lie. I was like:

What's really interesting about Alison's story is that while typically she isn't in quite as much immediate danger as the rest of the clones she is still so affected by everything. I think in some ways Alison trying to keep things so normal in her family is what causes her story to have such high stakes as well as what causes her character to have so much stress and conflict. This can cause her to act rashly but at other times she thinks things through even better to protect those she loves. Like tonight.

When everything turned out okay and the girls got back on the path to saving themselves this was me at the end of the episode:

Alison and Felix did good and I'm confident that Cosima is on the right track. I do worry that not involving Rachel will be a risk, though. Maybe that creepy swan is a bad omen.

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