Thursday, June 9, 2016

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Re-Read

So if you're keeping up, I'm re-reading Harry Potter for the billionth time in preparation for the release of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script and sharing my thoughts on them sixteen years after first picking up the series. I also have every intention of choosing a favorite through the course of this re-read. Caught up? Good. Moving on.

Some new realizations I had and little things I noticed while re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban:
- Harry is so angsty at the beginning of this one.
- I don't remember being this drawn in to the story of the Marauders when I was younger. Why? They're all so amazing! Especially Lupin. And I never saw how tragic all that happened to Sirius was. I mean I got that it was sad when I was little but I felt more sad for Harry not being able to go live with him than anything else. But everything else that happened was breaking my heart this time around. I mean Harry not getting to live with him was sad to but being framed and imprisoned and just - I can't even.
- This is the one where Hermione slaps Draco! <3
- The Time Turner is SO magical. I can understand now that I'm in college and want to take all the classes why she stressed herself out so bad to take all of the courses being offered.
- When Hermione walked out of Divination! Just YES! That is what it feels like sitting in Gen Eds. Like yes I realize I could actually be doing something worth while but instead I'm sitting here learning something I will NEVER need to know! I feel that.
- Ron and Harry are idiots and so mean to poor Hermione! She is the only mature one. Girls always mature faster. Did they really not think the Firebolt was suspicious and how are you going to control what a cat does? It's an animal. Plus she was thirteen so she was probably going through puberty and getting her first period and crap and trying to take so many classes and helping Hagrid with Buckbeak's case but Ron and Harry just have to be inconsiderate little jerkwagons.
- If Harry let Sirius kill Pettigrew everyone would have lived happily ever after.
- Lupin is the best teacher Hogwarts ever knew.
- It makes me sad that Lupin probably would have been allowed to take care of Harry if he wasn't a werewolf.
- This is the book where Harry starts to become a sass master.

My final verdict?
I love this book so much! The world building Jo does here is absolutely phenomenal. Animagi, Hogsmeade, The Knight Bus, The Marauder's Map, Dementors, Time Turners, Divination, Hippogriffs! The list could go on and on. She delves into so many different interesting topics and it makes the world ever more engrossing. The early teen angst is so on point. The trio lets their emotions get the better of them constantly and that is so realistic. It's a good thing Voldemort didn't rise to power in Prisoner of Azkaban. I feel like this is how it would have gone:

Voldemort: AVADA-
Harry: Go on then! Just kill me! I hate my life! It sucks and my parents are dead and I hate everything! *falls to floor and pounds fists in hysterics*
Voldemort: Why don't I just come back in a few years when you actually give a shit then? Dear Wizard God! Children these days!

I mean for real Harry is so reckless and dumb. Thank goodness for Hermione. But all the wonderful new things presented in Prisoner of Azkaban make it the best in the series so far. Harry's stubborn death wish can even be endearing at times simply because of its accuracy. Teenagers tend to think they are invincible even in the real world. Imagine how much having magic powers could inflame that sensation. At least the wit that develops out of his angst is on point. I love Prisoner of Azkaban.

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