Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Preacher "See" Review


This week's episode of Preacher was a fabulous continuation from the pilot. Preacher started to discover his strange new powers a bit more. He held strong in his resolve not to commit crimes with Tulip. There were some wonderful moments between Jesse and Cassidy. Eugene had a strong moment in his admitting that he hadn't felt better in spite of his baptism. Oh, and Cassidy kicked some serious but. The action in this particular episode was just as great as the last. The episode also had me laughing so hard at moments like the bit with the steering wheel. Over all, while there were some great moments in the episode it wasn't quite as exciting as the pilot. I'm hoping we get the energy we saw at the very start back soon and that it stays throughout the rest of the season.While this episode did slow down a bit it was still good and provided a nice little snapshot into the lives of all our main characters while introducing some cool new people and concepts.

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