Monday, June 6, 2016

Feed the Beast "Pilot Light" Review


Tonight was the premiere of the new AMC series, Feed the Beast. When I first saw a preview for this show I couldn't contain my excitement. I was like:

I mean, first of all, I love David Schwimmer. Second, I love intense dramas. Third, AMC has been killing it with the new shows so I figured this one had to be good! And I am proud to say I think I was right.

The pilot was really good. Not as wowing as the other week's premiere of Preacher but still great and all I was expecting it to be. It had just the right mix of drama with a sprinkling of funny moments. The cooking montages were beautiful and overall the show has a cohesive tinge of dark humor. Some moment's gave it an oddly similar vibe to Orange is the New Black. Weird comparison, I know, but that's what many parts reminded me of. Schwimmer and Sturgess both do a great job as their characters and I can't wait to see both their characters and their restaurant grow over the course of this season. This show just makes sense all the things it has going for it fit perfectly together. My only qualm is that there may be a bit too much going on. You have the two down-on-their-luck bros trying to realize a dream, the dead wife/mom drama, and the gang problems. Why through in a plot about Tommy's dad so randomly? Hopefully they'll tie that together nicely though and it won't seem like there's too much happening anymore.

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