Monday, May 30, 2016

Orphan Black "The Antisocialism of Sex" Review

So this review might be a few days late but there is a very good reason for that. Hear me out. The entire universe was set against me watching this episode of Orphan Black! I tried watching it the night it came out and it wouldn't load and every night up until tonight I tried watching it On Demand and it wouldn't load then either. It was so frustrating!

Luckily tonight was the night that the world decided I was able to FINALLY watch Orphan Black and watch it I did. Now, while this episode wasn't anywhere near as intense as the last one it was exactly what the show needed right now. It wouldn't have made sense if people didn't lose their crap a little bit after what happened last week. Arguably, (and understandably) Cosima took things the worst. She was pretty mean to poor Scott but this was because she got a little desperate to find a cure now that her research and the original are both gone. Luckily, Felix saved her just in time with the knowledge that there could be more of this to come in her future:

On second thought Felix may have saved more than just Cosima with this news. The world is just better when Cosima and Delphine are together. Also Sarah was a mess again in this episode which we haven't seen for a while. But like they say when it rains it storms. Like that crap got REAL bad but it ended up okay and it resulted in a glimpse at these telepathy powers or whatever they are that we're seeing from Kira. Who is by the way so adorable! I'm wondering if when Beth said it was the last night Sarah would see her if that meant that she's now uncovered everything that Beth had and because of this their journeys are no longer mirroring each other.

The real twist in this episode was with that slumber party scene. Poor Donnie! Who could just barge in and arrest this poor innocent face:

Oh right. I guess it was a matter of time... But still it's Donnie! :( Hopefully this gets addressed in the next episode because I don't think I can wait long to know that he's okay. Also Cosima and Scott have got to get back on track with finding a cure. I personally think M.K. is going to come into play with the solution to that problem somehow.

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