Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Motor City Comic Con 2016 Experience

I go to the Motor City Comic Con every year for my father's birthday and it is my favorite time of year. This is where I met John Barrowman two years ago. This year topped the past few years big time though. This year Comic Con happened not too long after I started finally getting over my bout of thyroid cancer. While I was sick during this past semester of school I hardly even had the energy to read. One of the few things I could do was watch TV and a lot of the celebrities I met at Comic Con this year were the ones whose shows really got me through this hard time. Because of what I went through I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to thank them for helping me through it whether they knew it or not.

When I first got to convention the first person I met straight away was Elden Henson. He plays Foggy in Daredevil and Pollux in The Hunger Games. I think he was my favorite person I met the whole time I was there. He told me my hair was "f*cking awesome" and when I told him how much Daredevil helped me through being sick and how Foggy is my favorite character he gave me a big hug. He was also offering free selfies with autographs and I just about died. He was just so kind and nice and season two of Daredevil really did help me the most out of any show because I was watching it while I recovered from my first thyroid surgery which was probably the worst part of my whole cancer journey. I also really do love Elden's performance as Foggy in the show - the character who made me laugh and smile the most even while I was sick. So yeah meeting him was the best part of the whole con.

After Elden I tried to get in line to meet James Marsters for the first time but found his line was closed. Instead I went over to Lena Headey who plays Cersei on Game of Thrones and met her. She was nice but didn't say too much. She wasn't doing meet and greets really but I got an autograph so it was still cool. After that James Marsters' line was still closed so I went to Robbie Thompson's panel. Robbie Thompson was a writer for Supernatural and as a writer myself his panel was fascinating. I got to ask the last question in his panel so I asked what the process for the music was on the musical episode "Fanfiction" and if he had ever worked with theatre before writing that episode.

When the panel was done I thought about staying in the room for the Daredevil panel with Elden Henson and Jon Bernthal but decided against it because I needed to try again to get into line to meet James Marsters. So try again I did. BUT his line was closed AGAIN! So I went and met Robbie Thompson in person. I told him that I really looked forward new episodes of Supernatural while I was sick and thanked him for writing such wonderful episodes as "Baby" this season. I also told him that "Fanfiction" was my favorite episode in the whole series and that I was really happy that he made one of the girls in it a stage manager because that's something I do. He also gave me writing advice and was so super nice. He was definitely my second favorite person I met only after Elden.

Next I FINALLY got to meet James Marsters. The line was closed so I had to trade places with my dad and get his autograph for him but I made it just in time and did indeed meet him. James Marsters plays Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's also been in Torchwood and has an awesome band. I loved him as Spike though. I was a total Spike girl and always rooted for him on the show. It was amazing to meet him! When I told him how I kept trying to get in line to meet him he told me a story about how he almost got to meet Leonard Nimoy when he was younger and was devastated when he had to leave right before he could meet him. He sad that he hoped he never had to do that to anyone and was glad I got to meet him. He also told me that I was the same height as Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy, duh!) and called me "Slayer Size" and I am totally getting that on a shirt.

After meeting James Marsters I also got to meet Josh McDermitt and Michael Kudlitz who play Eugene and Abraham on The Walking Dead. This was another show that I really looked forward to every week while I was sick and I got to tell them both that as well as how much I love their dynamic together on the show. They are both hilarious! Josh was the nicest. When I went to shake his hand he squished my face instead and said "They call me Josh. And what do they call you?" Over all my experience at Motor City Comic Con this year was just the best and I already can't wait for next year!

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