Thursday, September 8, 2016

Writing About My Cancer

Just a couple days ago I had my second article published by The Odyssey. You can read it here. For this article I wrote about some of the things I learned while I had Thyroid Cancer earlier this year. The only other time I had written about being sick was on this very blog a few months ago. I learned a lot while I was sick but sometimes looking back I get mad at myself. I remember how tired and weak I was but I still find myself thinking, You could have done more. I still regret having to give up stage managing a huge show so sometimes I start wondering if I could have done it by pushing myself just a little harder. I talk about how impressive it was that I got a 4.0 yet then I think, But you couldn't even stage manage a show. That's not very impressive. I know this is ridiculous but I still think it. It's part of my personality as a people pleaser and overachiever. I always think I could have done more. The good news is now I mostly just think I could do more instead of actually trying to do more because I know when I'm wrong. This is just something that I thought about as I wrote that article. If I've learned anything from my cancer experience it's that people are not always right, including your own self.

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