Friday, September 16, 2016

Mr. Mittens

This is a short story I wrote from a prompt in my school's writing group, Ex Libris. I thought it was fun! Hope you enjoy!

Mr. Mittens

After a long day of standing, he discovered that his large intestine had grown a mousetrap. All of a sudden he felt a snap in his stomach. It seemed as though something was pinching his insides. He knew that he was going to need to get to a vet. This was when Mr. Mittens decided to go seek the human. Mittens was a cat you see and early this morning he tried to catch a mouse. It was only now that Mittens realized the mouse had already been caught prior to his discovery of the poor creature. He had gobbled it up mousetrap and all.

Mr. Mittens’ owner, Amy, was nearby and heard a yowling coming from her living room. She happened upon her kitty lying on the floor in pain. Mr. Mittens was helpless and in need of serious medical attention. Amy could see that she was too late to help Mr. Mittens, as the nearest vet was 50 miles away. Amy disposed of Mittens body, burying him in her garden as tears streamed down her face.

As it turned out, Mr. Mittens was not dead. He clawed his way back out of the earth, mousetrap and all. He made his way to the street and got run over by a truck. Then Mr. Mittens was dead.

RIP Mr. Mittens

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